Making Reality Virtual


The purpose of the Virtual Reality Venture Capital Alliance (“VRVCA”) is to foster long-term growth in the VR industry through identifying, sharing and investing in the world's most innovative & impactful VR technology and content companies.

Formed in 2016, the VRVCA is a close-knit membership comprised of 49 of the top Virtual Reality Investors in the world. We believe that VR is a transformative technology that will revolutionize entire industries, one that will leave a lasting impact for many future generations to come. In order to achieve that dream, we are working tirelessly to ensure that the VR startups today get the resources they need, so that they can grow into the industry titans of tomorrow.




Once per year

Rate of Successful FUNDRAISING after the Event



$18bn+ USD

Looking for investment?

We invest in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed reality startups of any size from anywhere around the world.

We meet six times a year with our base of operations out of Beijing and San Francisco.

Our network spans the entire globe, so it doesn't matter where you are, as long as you are doing something game-changing, we want to help you realize your dream.

We are not searching for the next technology revolution because it is already here. We are searching for the next entrepreneur to lead it.

Our next VRVCA Investment meeting will be held in London on May 23nd, 2019. We are still open for application and please submit your pitch deck here.  

VRVCA Annual Global Investment Report 2018

For more transparency and information sharing in the VR/AR investing community, we published an annual report summarizing our observation and insights on VR/AR investment landscape and opportunities. The report was launched in partnership with UploadVR, ChinaVenture, and MoguraVR, and received interview inputs from more than 20 top investors in the industry.

Please click here to download the report.