VR is not a trend. VR is the sandbox the future will be created in.

Submit your Pitch Deck to VRVCA

The VRVCA meets every year in Beijing, London or San Francisco. If your startup is looking to help shape the VR revolution and you want to come pitch to us, submit your Pitch Deck for the VRVCA Steering Committee. We will review new submissions on a rolling basis.

Who we fund

We fund startups from Seed to Pre-IPO. We look at companies related to Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, and Artificial Intelligence. 

what we fund

Industry vertical applications (enterprise, healthcare, education, social, events etc), content (gaming, VR movies, streaming etc), base technologies, tools, platforms, infrastructure/hardware, peripherals, accessories... anything with potential or traction.


Our Alliance VC members range from early to growth stage investors, so depending on the stage of your company and your fundraising requirements, we will help you get connected to the investors that are right for your company.

What information to include

Big idea, value proposition, positioning vs. competition, team background (full-time only), product features/design (video a must), unfair advantage, platforms supported, amount of funding needed, market opportunity, monetization approach, etc. Whatever you think will catch our attention.